Why I began " SEEDS OF PEACE" , 

 Was through a desire to connect with others on a spiritual journey and follow the path my spirit was guiding me on.

SEEDS OF PEACE - began as  a business  in South Dunedin offering, mediumship, healing, meditation and various group courses. 

 Even though we worked independantly as mediums and healers we were united in our desire to help and be of service to others.  Our lives are always touched by many people as we walk this pathway and I honour all those who have touched mine, I  thankyou.

There are so many stories to tell of the many people who walked into the shop, asking for help or were just wanting to have a look around at the giftware. We became a drop in centre and felt the shared love of many wonderful gifted people, we all have gifts please remember that and honour the way you touch peoples lives it is never insignificant.

I have  a husband and three children, they are with me in a supporting way and have always  been the backdrop to my strength , and continue to keep me well grounded.

What I am now is a person seeking the opportunity to support others to ask what I can give to the world ?  Joy, happiness,  love and in my awareness I hope grow and expand in some way, so I can be more of who I am.

I have learnt, about expectation, the ego and insecurity, I look for them inside of me & all the rest of the stuff, but I try not to spend all my time there, life is for living too, having fun, being in and part of this wonderful world we live in.

There is that part of me that knows my divine connection to the web of life , my connection to others , to you.

And this is what I want to explore with you. I welcome your feedback , your wisdom.

With Love .....